Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Work work work

Productive day of handing out school supplies at school and tons of work with all those boxes I showed last week. Then  had our community strategic meeting. Not sure why I keep going. It's hard to feel like anything is getting done or will ever go anywhere when you are being told "but we will get sued" to everything. I know it happens but I will not let the "but this could happen"-ers win in my life. I can't live afraid of all the the terrible things that could go wrong. I honestly feel a little sad for people who are that scared and filled with constant worry. I hope they find some carefreeness in their life. 

You may not even notice but there is a drain in the ground wide open for people to step in. Been like that for several weeks and is one of my current "let's fix this part of my community project". Want to take bets on how long it is before I get a new top? Spoiler--- I started in June! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Operation school supplies

Today I got to go to school and count to make sure we got what we ordered for kits. It doesn't sound like much till you see it. 

Beach day, Olympic night

We couldn't get enough of the beach in London's birthday so we headed back down for an overnight stay. This time we remembered the football. 

Also it was the start of the Olympics in Rio! Kids stayed up pretty late to watch most of the opening ceremony. Reminded us of our trip exactly 6yrs ago for London's first birthday!

Spike the bearded dragon

We are lizard sitting this week. Meet spike our neighbors bearded dragon. 

Little beakers party

Bday party season continues, today we celebrated Lincoln's birthday at little beakers. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Snow cone time

Had to try out our new snow cone machine before the party. 

Crash bam blood?!

All I know is 
Jordan: 0 
dad's game chair:1

London's 7th bday party

Well you know the party is awesome when you forget to take many pictures. We had 30+ kids and parents celebrate him tonight. 
I was pretty proud of my Pinterest party I have to admit. Which I would have gotten pictures of my "shine like a star" glow stick section and popcorn bar! 

Birthday at the beach!

My baby turned 7 today. I can't even wrap my head around that. He wanted to go body boarding so off to the beach we went! 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Birthday parties galore!

We are in full swing of what we call "birthday season" right now. It seems that 90% of our friends all have birthdays in July and Aug. Oddly me growing up most of my friends birthdays were in july too. Today we got to celebrate with Thatcher, Nolan and Maci!
First up was Thatcher and Nolan's party at chuck e cheese. After driving to the wrong one we showed up a touch late. Luckily I like to got to parties early so we weren't all that late by the time we arrived. The willowbrook one is much nicer than the Hwy6 one we thought. The kids loved the mini air hockey table!
Jordan and her friend Mac really enjoyed the big truck!

After that party Jordan and I were guests at Maci's birthday tea party. Jordan was in heaven! AND for the first time ever she got to wear adult make up. Up till now she has just had face paint. She thoroughly enjoyed the make and the clip on ear rings!

We took a few group photos of the girls. First up we told them to simply smile....

Second we told them to give us their silly faces....

Last one they were told to be sassy/sexy and my child does this.....

Yep she is her mother's child!!!! For the record she thinks this is a sexy pose because while in Mexico troy made a comment during our zipline tour that he was going to get a sexy picture of my on the zipline. I said I'd make sure it was a good one and I did the little ears must have heard our discussion. :D

Friday, July 22, 2016

That time jordan stole a little ladies heart.

After our friend miss Elizabeth's birthday lazer tag party we went for a nice walk and visited some ducks and made some awesome "roll down the hill" memories we decided to head to McDonalds for dinner. While at dinner jordan meet a new friend. She makes a new friend every time she plays at a playground, but this one was in her 90's! Jordan was very drawn to this lady that "you have to speak loud when talking to her". :D She played only moment on the playground and instead talked and talked to Ethel. She held hands with her and told her stories and asked many questions. She even took her wheel chair and pushed it over to our table so she could meet us. Ethel seemed to really enjoy her company, as well as jordan enjoyed hers. <3 p="">

I stole as many pictures as I could without interrupting. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Homeless backpack kits

And The kids wanted to do something to help the homeless and decided they would make and give out some homeless care packages. We have done little 1 gallon ziplock bag ones before, but decided to go bigger this time. We asked for donations and got many good items and more items we couldn't even use. We also made a gofund me page and made a few hundred dollars! I don't think I will use Gofund me again because you have to pay a percentage of donations to them (I believe it was 10%). This time we did full backpacks filled with items like...shampoo/conditioner, deoderant, q tips, tide sink packets, snacks, water, notepads/pens, underwear, socks, meds, baby wipes, toothpaste/brush, razors/shaving cream, emergency blankets, extra bags...and a few even with gift cards to restaurants.  The kids also made cards letting them know we love them and haven't forgot them. Here is some of the stash and two finished bags.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Play date at Meredith's

I'm not in the habit of taking pictures everyday. So I totally dropped the ball on getting some while at my friends Meredith's house. But the kids had a great time.
I did remember to do a picture in the evening. We were doing a make up gymnastics class for jordan.. She was working on stomach strength today.
And this evening I hd our community HOA meeting that is coming up with idea of future projects. I'm working on a sidewalk to connect trails, gazebo and nature scape with water features. I used this as an example of the later..

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Leaving New Orleans.

Leaving New Orleans today. Still is my favorite city in the states. While I was packing up the room troy took the kids to breakfast, because lets face it its easier to pack sans kids! Apparently the hostess who has been visiting with the kids all weekend decided they behaved so well that they should get a treat. She took them to the Hilton Pantry and told them they could each pick a treat......

Yep, London picked his favorite thing...Tomato soup. :D The hostess got a big kick out of that.

Also on the drive home we stopped the Tiger Stop to see tony. He seemed to have been upgraded in his living quarters since last time we saw him.
And found an opinionated house near by. 

And the of course we hit up the huge Buccee's to fill up.