Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look who's Standing

Ok well its not standing on his own but with help of the chair!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I arrived at Angela, Troy and London's late friday night. They rescued me out of the envelope on their way out for the night. Me and London got to hang out in the car on the way downtown New Orleans. London thought I was pretty cool but man that kid just loves him mom, she stole most the attention from him.
After a short car ride we arrived at a huge building with tons of screaming people. Apparently this family's home base is in Chicago but they are just living here for a bit. Well it turns out that the local basketball team (New Orleans Hornets) were playing the Chicago Bulls. So we went to the game! The seats were pretty high but that was cool because then we could see everything that was going on. We also had some other roadies that joined us. I was worried it would be to loud for London but Angela put some cool ear muffs on him to block the noise (no they aren't apple, thats just a sticker Troy put on them for the night). During the game Angela gave one of the other roadies (Ben) London's baby first I was very confused since I thought bottles were for the babies?! Turns out that Angela sometimes stores the adult liquid food (aka Jack Daniels) in the bottles also, apparently it helps get them by security.

The next day we woke up "early" (9am) for some exercise....the whole family went to Itsty Bitsy Yoga class. Its normally yoga just for the babies but today I got to join in!
Here London and I are doing the upside pose-
Here I'm doing the guppy pose (on your back on the ball!)Troy then took a picture of the rest of us after class. Boy was I tired!On Sunday we went out for dinner. They said I needed to try some red beans and rice because it was kind of a local thing... Popeye's was our dinner location.Monday we actually stayed IN all day. We didn't do much but nap and lay around, it was a very tiring weekend! This is Seahorse, he helps put London to sleep at naps and bedtime. When you hug him his belly glows and he sings music. Its very relaxing...Tuesday was play day! We played with tons of toys all day inside, because it was raining.
Wednesday is one of London's bath days. He is such a big boy he sits in the tub! Troy usually gets in with him but today Angela gave London his bath because the weather was bad and she said she needed something to keep him entertained during the day.Thursday some other girls came over during the day. We all decided to go see a movie! Apparently every thurday they do this. Today was special though because it was just the girls, London and I. They however took us to some "chick flicks" which were not my thing. But we got the entire theatre to ourselves for "When in rome" after that movie we had time and decided hey we should just go see another! So then we went to "dear John". London missed BOTH movies because he just slept through them.

Well Friday I was suppose to fly out to my next place....but it was Super Bowl weekend and the local football team (Saints) were in the game. I heard it was going to be a big deal so I stuck around. ALSO it was the beginning of a two week long party called Mardi Gras!!!
Went back downtown and did a ton of walking/flying around. Here is me breaking the rules... "look NOLA police *I'm* on the other side!"...luckily I was not arrested for it. I was feeling a little rebellious with the not getting caught crossing the line, so when we found an empty Mardi Gras float we decided to jump on and take pics!!!! I was trying to find something special to wear for Mardi Gras, but nothing fit..These people found stuff that fit though.....
Then we all went to a big parade that night! It lasted for hours and the floats were huge! People on the float throw things at you....I thought you weren't suppose to throw things at people.....just shows how much of the rules we break down here...

The parade was at night so it was hard to get good pictures but here are a couple that came out...Saturday night Angela, London and I stayed in while Troy went out (apparently the parents rotate so London always has one of them). We played with all the stuff we got at the Friday night parades!
I also had some friends that I meet at the parade come was a plush party!
Its a good thing we stayed in on Saturday because Sunday was the football game AND a dog parade it was busy!

First was the Barkus parade---its a parade FOR the dogs! LOVED IT! During the parade we saw some interesting things (and since it was during the day the photos came out!)....Tailgate tested, tailgate Approved..People down here love any excuse to dress up I have learned....
They wouldn't let me in the family shot...but thats ok because they were super nice to me all week. So this is the sport bar & grill we found a table big enough for our group to watch the game.After the game I had to go home with London and Troy because it was WAY to much to be a little person and out. Angela said later that it was so crowded on Bourbon st that what normally would be a 10 min walk turned into a 1hr walk. She said it was an amazing time and she was glad she got to be there for it.....she also wouldn't share photos of the night since it was more for adults.

So after a long week with the new family I was cleaned up and put in the fridge to put me in hibernation for my next home.....I'm looking forward to some hibernation since I'm EXHAUSTED trying to keep up with this group!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crazy man!

He almost becomes demon like in this bouncer chair!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A favorite (part 2)

Another favorite ---pots/pans and a spoon...but not to bang on, oh no, to EAT!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A favorite (part 1)

One of his current favorite things to do is "read' a magazine---

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who Dat sayin they going beat dem saints?-- No one :)

So watching the super bowl in the city that wins the super bowl----IS AWESOME!!!! These are pictures from part of the day (more pictures to come later)...

the Location-
The party people-
London wearing the ear muffs BEFORE they become famous with Drew Bree's baby.Some of the locals getting ready for the game---

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mardi Gras floats

Here you can see the floats themselves a little better since its day.... (yes us naughty girls jumped on for a photo! hehehe)